Signs of Negative Energy in a Person

It’s no secret that negative energy and thoughts can be toxic. But what many people don’t realize is that you don’t have to be around someone who is openly hostile or negative in order to feel their negative energy. In fact, some people give off negative energy without realizing it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative energy, it’s important to learn to protect yourself from it- both mentally and spiritually. Below are the signs that might indicate someone is harbouring negative energy, as well as tips on how to protect yourself from it.

What is negative energy?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of positive and negative energy. We know that positive energies are good for us and negative energy is bad. But what exactly is negative energy? And how can we get rid of it?

At its most basic, negative energy is simply low-frequency energy that makes us feel down, anxious, or stressed. It can come from our own thoughts and emotions, or from outside sources like other people, places, and things.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get rid of negative energy. One is to simply avoid exposure to it as much as possible. This might mean spending less time with negative people or avoiding negative news and media. Another way to reduce negative energy is to raise your own vibration through activities like meditation, mindfulness, and self-care. As you raise your vibration, you’ll find it easier to repel negative energy and attract more positive vibes into your life.

Know the signs that someone might be harbouring negative energy

It’s not always easy to tell when someone is harbouring negative energy or is generally a negative energy person that carries around negative influences. However, there are some signs that you can look out for that may indicate that someone is carrying around some negative juju.

Maybe you’ve walked into a room and felt an instant sense of unease. We’ve all experienced signs of negative energy in house or apartment. Or perhaps you’ve been around someone who just seems to drain your energy. These are signs that someone might be harbouring negative energy. Negative energies can come from a variety of sources, including unresolved anger, envy, or resentment. They can also be the result of negative thoughts or words that have been directed towards another person. 

For example, if someone is constantly complaining or venting about their problems, this could be a sign that they’re struggling to let go of negative emotions. If someone is always negative and critical of others, this could also be a sign that they’re harbouring some resentment or bitterness. If someone is appearing agitated or short-tempered, this could be another indication that they’re struggling to deal with negative energy.

Physical symptoms of carrying negative energies

They may be constantly tired or drained of energy, even after a good night’s sleep. They may also find it difficult to concentrate or be easily irritable. Another sign is if they are attracted to negative people or situations. Lastly, if they are always negative about everything, it may be a sign that they are harbouring negative energy in human body or their aura.

Of course, it’s important to remember that not everyone who displays these signs is necessarily negative. However, if you notice any of these behaviours in yourself or others, it might be worth taking some time to explore where the negative energy is coming from and how you can release it.

carrying negative energy, tiring, draining
Carrying negative energy around can lead to you feeling drained

How to help someone that is carrying negative energy

 If you suspect that someone has negative energy, there are a few things you can do to help them release it. First, try spending time with them in nature. Being in nature can help to cleanse and balance our own energy, as well as the energy of those around us. You can also try meditation or other relaxation techniques to clear negative energy blockages.

Finally, remember to focus on your own positive energy, and refrain from participating in gossip or sharing negative thoughts about others. By remaining positive and upbeat, you can help to offset the negative energy of those around you to get positive energy flowing for them.

By clearing the negative energy, you will feel lighter, brighter, and more positive.

How negative emotions and thoughts affect you

It’s no secret that negative emotions and thoughts can take a toll on your mental and physical health. But did you know that they can also affect your energy levels? Negative energies can drain your personal power, leaving you feeling tired, helpless, and even sick.

What’s more, negative emotions can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading you to believe that things are going to get worse and attracting more negative experiences into your life.

So what can you do to break the cycle of negative thinking? For starters, try to become aware of your thoughts and emotions. Pay attention to when you’re feeling down or negative and make a conscious effort to turn your thoughts around. Additionally, make sure to surround yourself with positive people and activities that will uplift your spirits.

Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Remember, you deserve to be happy and healthy!

How to protect yourself from and clear negative energy

There’s no need to worry about negative energy – we all have the ability to protect ourselves from it and clear it away. Here are some simple tips:

Be aware of your own energy

If you’re feeling negative, take some time to yourself to centre and ground yourself.

Surround yourself with positive people and environments

If you’re constantly surrounded by negative energy, it can be hard to keep your own energy positive. Find places and people that make you feel good, and spend more time with them.

Use affirmations and positive visualisation

When you focus on positive things, you start to attract more positive energies into your life. So start each day with some positive affirmations, or spend a few minutes each day visualising yourself surrounded by white light – this will help to protect you from negative energies.

smudging energy clearing
Smudging is a popular ritual for clearing lower energies

Perform regular protection and clearing rituals

There are many different ways to do this – smudge with sage, carry a piece of amethyst, wear a piece of black tourmaline. Pick whatever feels right for you and make it part of your daily routine.

Grounding yourself

This means connecting your body to the earth. You can do this by walking barefoot on the ground or touching trees or plants.

Visualizing a white light

Imagine a white light surrounding your body. This light will protect you from negative energies.

Using crystals

Some crystals, such as amethyst and black tourmaline, are known for their ability to absorb negative energy. When you feel negative energy around you, hold one of these crystals in your hand or place it on your body.

If you find yourself surrounded by negative energy, there are also some things you can do to clear it:

Take deep breaths

Taking deep breaths will help to center yourself and release negative emotions.

Smudge your space

Smudging is a Native American tradition that involves burning sage or sweetgrass. The smoke from the burning herbs will help to clear negative energy from your space.

Hang up wind chimes

The sound of wind chimes is said to dispel negative energy. So if you’re feeling down, try hanging up a few wind chimes in your home or office.

Concluding thoughts on negative energy

It’s easy to get caught up in negative energy. Whether it’s negative emotions like anger, sadness, frustration, or negative thoughts about ourselves or the world around us, this negative energy can quickly take over our lives. However, it’s important to remember that we always have the power to choose how we react to these negative energies.

We can either let them control us, or we can choose to rise above them.

It might not be easy, but it’s always worth it to try to stay positive no matter what life throws our way.

So next time you’re feeling down, don’t forget that you have the strength to turn that negative energy into something positive. Choose to focus on the good, and watch your life start to change for the better.

Negative energy can also be a force for good. By channelling negative energy into positive actions, we can often create positive change in our lives.

For example, if we’re feeling angry, we can use that energy to stand up for what we believe in. If we’re feeling sad, we can use that energy to connect with others and offer them support. The key is to focus on the positive potential of negative energy and to use it as a force for good instead of letting it control us.

How to increase the amount of positive energy in your life

While negative energy can be harmful, positive energy is incredibly beneficial- both for the individual and for those around them. In fact, positive energy has been shown to boost the immune system, increase productivity, and improve moods.

If you’re looking to increase the amount of positive energy in your life, there are a few things you can do. First, try to surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up. Second, find ways to express gratitude for the good things in your life. And finally, take some time each day to focus on your own happiness and well-being.

Examples of increasing your own positive energy

It’s important to remember that we always have the power to choose our own attitude and energy. Here are a few simple things you can do to increase your own positive energy:

1. Spend time with positive people

We all know the saying, “You are the company you keep.” While at first, this may seem like a trite platitude, there is actually a lot of truth to it. The energy of other people can have a big impact on our own mood and state of mind. We are always scanning and tuning into other people’s energy whether we mean to or not.

Spending time with positive, upbeat people can help to raise our own energy levels and make us feel happier. On the other hand, spending time with negative people can bring us down and make us feel stressed out.

It’s important to be mindful of the company we keep and try to surround ourselves with positive people as much as possible. When we do, we’ll find that our own energy levels increase and we feel better overall.

gratitude journaling
Writing in a gratitude journal every day is a great way to lift your spirit and soul

2. Express gratitude for the good things in your life

Try to focus on the good in every situation. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, stop and reframe your thinking. For example, if you’re worried about an upcoming presentation, instead of thinking “I’m going to bomb this presentation,” tell yourself “I’ve prepared well and I’m going to do my best.” Focusing on the positive will help to increase your positive energy and give you confidence.

Write in a journal each day what you are grateful for and do the same for what you want to bring into your life. Clear negative energy around your goals so that you can enjoy them when they arrive.

3. Take some time each day to focus on your own happiness and well-being

Clearing negative energy first thing in the morning can be a great habit to get into. Sometimes as we awaken from our dreams we are still kind of half in and half out of whatever was happening during it. When it comes to clearing out your mind and your entire body, negative energy is the first thing you want to release.

This then makes it much easier for you to focus on your own happiness. Write down in your journal about things that you love in your life. If that is too much of a stretch for you currently, write down what you like then replace the word like with love.

If that is too far then write down your perfect life and what you love about that life. I have a great tool for you to use to help manifest that:

Look at one thing you have written down and then write down “What can I do in order to have/be [insert thing you want] in my life right now and have fun with it?”

Let yourself automatically write down 3 things without thinking and then spend your day looking for these things either happening or appearing to you.

4. Find ways to enjoy life’s simple pleasures

One way to increase your own positive energy is to surround yourself with things that make you happy. So, if you love flowers, fill your home with vases of fresh blooms. Or, if you’re a nature lover, put up pictures of stunning landscapes. Seeing things that make you happy will help to lift your mood and give you a boost of positive energy.

5. Meditate or practice mindfulness

Mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga have been shown to help reduce negative self-talk and negative feelings.  It’s a way of training your mind to focus on the present moment and to let go of negative feelings and thoughts.

When you meditate, you’re training your mind to focus on the present moment and to let go of negative thoughts. Meditation allows you to step back from these negative thoughts and observe them without judgment. Over time, you can learn to let go of the negative self-talk completely and focus on the present moment. As a result, mindfulness meditation can help you to live a more positive and fulfilling life.

Yoga is another great way to practice mindfulness. It helps to stretch and strengthen your body, while also teaching you to be aware of your breath and your surroundings. Both meditation and yoga can be incredibly helpful in reducing stress and improving your overall mood.

So if you’re looking for a way to feel happier and more relaxed, give mindfulness a try!

6. Set goals and strive to achieve them

Goal setting is important because it gives you something to strive for. Without goals, you are just going through the motions day in and day out without any sort of purpose. But when you have a goal to work towards, it gives you a sense of motivation and direction. It can be something as simple as saving up for a new car, or as ambitious as becoming the CEO of a company.

Whatever your goals may be, it is important to set them and then do everything you can to achieve them. This involves hard work, dedication, and perseverance. But the satisfaction that comes from reaching your goals is worth all the effort.

So if you don’t have any goals in your life, now is the time to set some. And then start working towards them!

7. Spread positive energy to those around you

Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up. Whether you’re feeling down in the dumps or you’re surrounded by negativity, it’s important to be able to spread positive energy. One way to do this is to recognise the signs of negative energy.

Maybe you’re feeling tense, irritable, or short-tempered. Maybe you’re finding it hard to concentrate or you’re feeling blue. Whatever the signs may be, it’s important to know how to remove negative energy.

This might mean taking some time for yourself, listening to upbeat music, spending time in nature, or even just smiling more.

By spreading positive energy, you can help to create a happier and more joyful world for yourself and those around you.

smile, positive energy, happiness
Start your day with a smile to have more happiness in your life

8. Start your day with a smile

What’s the best way to start your day? With a smile, of course! Don’t worry, we’re not talking about some cheesy fake grin – we mean a genuine, ear-to-ear smile. It might sound like a small thing, but starting your day with a smile can make a big difference in how you feel throughout the day.

For one thing, it helps to break up stagnant energy and get you feeling positive. Additionally, smiling has been shown to help release endorphins, which can help to improve your mood and reduce stress levels. Plus, it’s good for your nervous system – research has shown that smiling can help to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

So next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, try cracking a smile – it just might help to turn your day around!

9. Make time for things you enjoy

It’s important to make time for things you enjoy every day. This can be something as simple as reading, taking a walk in nature, or listening to your favourite music.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Between work, family, and other obligations, it can be tough to find time for the things you enjoy. However, it’s important to make time for hobbies, exercise, and just plain old fun.

After all, these activities can provide a much-needed break from the stresses of daily life. And taking a break from stress can have some serious benefits for your health. For example, research has shown that spending time outdoors can help to reduce stress hormones and improve mood.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a few minutes to step outside and get some fresh air. Or if you have a little more time on your hands, sign up for a painting class or join a book club. Whatever you choose to do, making time for things you enjoy is an important part of living a healthy and balanced life.

By taking some time for yourself each day, you’ll be able to relax and rejuvenate, which will make you feel happier and more productive overall.

10. Focus on the present moment

One of the quickest ways to increase stress levels is to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Instead, try to focus on the here and now. Take a deep breath and savour the good moments as they happen.

By making a conscious effort to focus on positive energy, we can make a big impact on our overall mood and state of mind. And who knows? Maybe our good vibes will rub off on those around us, too!

In Conclusion

Every now and again we can experience “road bumps” or feel like we’ve gone off-course. Using the tips above can help you to get back on the right track again and start to clear negative energy from your life.

If the bumps are bigger than you can handle on your own, you can always seek professional help by contacting Paul Ramsden to help you with clearing your negative energy. Simply go to the contact page and complete the short form.

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