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Healing and Therapy for PTSD

People who have faced a traumatic or tragic situation in the past usually think they’re fine and moving on from that with no problem at all––until they suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and feel like they are in danger. This could actually be a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder or, simply, PTSD.

3 signs of depression

Depression can become so overwhelming and debilitating that it can be almost impossible to function. Completing simple, everyday tasks like bathing and eating become too much to bear against the sheer weight of depression, which often feels like a hopeless pit in your stomach or like an elephant is sitting on your chest. 

The worst part about depression is that it doesn’t discriminate. Even if you seem like a person who “has it all” and with everything anyone could want, you can still suffer from crippling despair and sadness, like how healthy people can still find themselves with terminal illnesses. Fortunately, there are many ways to help deal with depression, with hypnotherapy being a practical solution available to anyone who needs it. 

Here are the common causes of depression and how hypnotherapy can help you overcome them:

  1. Feelings of Unworthiness
depression and unworthiness
Depression often leads to feelings of being unworthy and not being good enough.

Feeling like you don’t deserve your good fortune or your dreams and desires often leads to depression. Thanks to the Internet, we are more exposed to other people’s accomplishments, and we pay particularly more attention to those who look like they’re doing much better than we are. As a result, we feel pressured to do more and be more because, as we are, we aren’t enough.

The truth is that even the most revered, beautiful celebrities have suffered from having to look perfect all the time, especially women. Like Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner, who were renowned for their allure and beauty, well-loved icons have all chosen to live life away from the spotlight because of the sheer pressure of maintaining a perfect façade. Actors and athletes feel the same pressure as well, believing that they need to ‘keep performing’ to continue the charade of constantly feeling happy and ‘having it all.’

However, hypnotherapy can help you address these beliefs by guiding you through your thought process and uncovering why you don’t believe you are worthy enough. By untangling your thought patterns and sifting the negative from the positive, you’ll eventually realise that you are, indeed, deserving of everything you want, even your wildest dreams. By addressing the root of the matter, you can gain the confidence you need to get up and pursue your goals and live the life you’ve always wanted.

  1. Adhering to Other People’s Ideals of Happiness

Until recently, the popular notion of happiness involved having a partner, children, material wealth, and a successful career. However, the path to these is often lined with making choices that sometimes do not make you feel comfortable. As a result, you may ignore your inner thirst for goals like establishing yourself as an interior designer, a music producer, or a football star in favour of more traditional pathways, like getting into corporate finance. After all, that’s what you’ve been told is the key to success, right?

trying to please others depression
Trying to please others means diminishing your own needs and desires.

However, not following your heart’s desire and adhering to society’s ideals of happiness has been proven to make you feel miserable. Many people have reported feeling depressed because they did not pursue the career they knew they were meant for, causing them to suppress their love for things that genuinely make them happy. However, by seeing a hypnotherapist, you can undo the beliefs that made you think that there was no other way to be happy than by following society’s ideals. Working with a professional will help you unpack the thoughts and perspectives that hold you back from what you truly want to do, allowing you to live a life without regrets.

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyles

Regularly consuming junk food and staying sedentary is not only bad for your physical wellbeing, but your mental health as well. Unfortunately, depression can lead you into a vicious cycle, where it becomes too difficult to take care of yourself, so you allow your physical health and hygiene to deteriorate. However, it’s essential to realise that you are always in control of what you eat, think, and do, no matter how impossible it may seem.

What you put into your body directly affects how you feel, and hypnotherapy can help you make healthier choices to improve your overall wellbeing. It can change your views and perspectives, helping you believe that exercising regularly, taking care of yourself, and eating the right foods will allow you to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.


Depression is a widespread phenomenon affecting millions of people worldwide, which means that you likely know a few people who have grappled with it. However, by understanding its typical causes and seeing a hypnotherapist to help you recover, you can clear negative energy and put yourself on the right path to living a life you love.
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Energy Healing to Manage Depression

If you’re dealing with negative emotions right now, and it’s too overwhelming to allow you to function properly and live your life, you can consider seeking the help of an energy worker. They work to guide people with depression in understanding their feelings in a different light—including their fears and the reasons behind them.

An energy worker helps clear negative energy by allowing you to see a new perspective of yourself, bringing out some qualities you may have never noticed about yourself. They utilise various energy healing methods to let you experience your life from another place and give you a better understanding of your life pulse.

What is a Life Pulse?

Life Pulse Energy Waves

A life pulse is what you call the waves of energy that your body produces and accepts. All living things inhale and exhale air and energy, which you need to continue your journey in life. When you breathe, your body expands, allowing positive energy to seep in with every second that you decide to live.

But when negative thoughts start to cloud your mind, you begin to feel a contraction, constricting you from living your life to the fullest—which could often be overlooked for depression. However, contraction is also the combination of everything you decided to take in with expansion!

When you feel a contraction, it’s the time when your body teaches you to be stronger. It helps people expand even more by consuming more information and experiencing more emotions.

Using the Tablework Method

Tablework is a method done by an energy worker, instructing a patient to lie down on a massage table while bundled up with clothes and warm blankets to achieve maximum comfort. It involves removing negative energy by giving you the time to take deep breaths and relax.

Your energy field—including your chakra and hara—will be touched during tablework, giving the energy worker the power to open your mind to your feelings and past experiences. It is a session that requires total focus to eliminate signs of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Energy Field

According to Eastern medicine and religions that have been studying energy for centuries, all living things on earth give off their own energy field. The field is often known as your aura. This power that humans have keeps everything you think, do, say, and feel ever since you were born.

Similar to your chakras, your energy field contains images, beliefs, traumas, and fears that have happened throughout your life. Your energy field is divided into layers that can be negatively affected based on what you go through while you’re alive.


Aura energy healing leeds

Your chakra is an energy vortex that comes in various forms and offers multiple purposes. They attract energy from the environment around you and have the ability to release energy inside you. Chakras play an essential role in keeping you healthy, as they are assigned to the organs in your body.

You can gather information from your surroundings with the help of your chakras. They help you process your emotions and thoughts and hold all the ideas and images you’ve conjured since birth. If your chakras become distorted, your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are affected.


When you are depressed, it may feel like you will never see the light of day and you’ll always be stuck in a dark place. All your negative thoughts and emotions will continue to pull you down and prevent you from being happy.

That’s why it’s an energy worker’s job to use hara to help you develop positive intentions, thoughts, and actions. They can divert the positivity to your physical body and mind to prevent you from falling back to your negative habits. It allows you to stay in the present and be more aware of what’s happening to you and your surroundings.


An energy worker strives to eliminate all the unwanted emotions that you’re prepared to give up in exchange for a happier and healthier life. They can help in cleansing your negative energy to make way for the positive. They focus on assisting people in understanding how their life pulse works and initiate a tablework method to encourage energy healing. Through your energy field, chakra, and hara, an energy worker can prepare you to allow joy, bliss, and positive energy in and help heal your body, mind, and soul.

Are you looking for spiritual healing in Leeds to help you recover from depression? Paul Ramsden is dedicated to guiding clients with energy symptoms by giving you life-changing solutions through energy healing, energy body work, metaphysical healing, and coaching. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment!