Aura and emotional Wellbeing

Choosing to face your trauma and other unfortunate experiences in the past is a brave decision to make. It’s one step away from what has been imprisoning you and one step closer to a fuller and better life.

However, you may still find yourself running in circles. You may be in a better place than before, but you may still feel that something is missing. Like something else has to be done; something else must be released. If you can relate to this situation, understanding your aura can be particularly helpful.

What Is an Aura?

Aura energy healing leeds
What does your aura say about you emotionally

Here’s a simple way to grasp the concept of auras: think about how some people (whom you’re meeting for the first time) can make you nervous, while others make you feel comfortable. It is your aura—along with others’—which is at work in these instances.

Essentially, an aura is a field of energy that you omit. It emanates from your chakras or the energy points in your body and can directly impact your mood and emotions.

How Does Your Aura Influence Your Emotional Well-Being?

Aside from being a mere field of energy emanating from you, your aura also acts as an energy barrier between you and the world around you.

A strong aura will protect you from the energies around you. As a result, it makes you feel secure. It helps you tell the difference between your own emotions and those of the others.

On the other hand, an unhealthy aura will make you feel anxious, as if everyone’s energy is bearing down on you. You may also find it hard to separate your own emotions and problems from those of others.

Having a healthy aura is the key to emotional health. It provides you with that sense of security and safety that eases your worries and calms you down. Moreover, it also empowers you to take risks and chase your dreams passionately.

How Does Aura Work in Personal Relationships?

Relationships and energy healing leeds
How is your aura affected by your relationships?

An aura is also an interactive field of communication. Technically, you have “read” others’ auras with your own when you meet them for the first time and decide that you’re drawn to them. On the other hand, you may also think that some are suspicious, terrifying, or simply not on the same ‘vibe’ with you.

You may think that this activity of reading others’ auras is a simple task. However, it’s worth mentioning that exchanging information through feeling auras can help you create great relationships and protect yourself from toxic ones.

How Can Understanding Auras Support Healing and Transformation?

Becoming conscious of your own aura along with others’ indeed protects your emotional well-being moving forward. On that note, it’s also worth mentioning that it can help you heal from previous traumatic experiences. This is especially true if you have been unknowingly holding on to bitter experiences in the past.

Becoming more conscious of your aura will allow you to release unpleasant experiences that may have gotten stuck in your physical and energy body.

It is only in releasing these that you will be able to experience true healing. With the help of an energy healing specialist who is trauma-informed, you can clear out these negativities and achieve life-changing healing.


Developing consciousness of your own and others’ auras will allow you to not only protect yourself but also help you let go of what you need to. In the end, you will experience a life-changing shift in your consciousness as negative energies are cleared—and it will feel like you’re seeing the world with brand new eyes for the first time.

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