February 12, 2017

Hi Paul,

I am emailing you to say thank you so much for your help. I cannot believe how different i feel all my mind feels free from all the clutter that was there before. Friday i just enjoyed feeling good. Then Saturday morning i got up at 8.30(didn’t used to get up till 11am) did all my cleaning then i got the bus to our Asda by myself it is quite far  away and got myself a new outfit. Then I got on another bus and went to the Arndale Centre where I met my Niece for coffee in her lunch hour (she nearly collapsed when saw me she said you look so alive) then I came home  and made the tea. Chilled out for a bit then I got ready and went out to the local pub and had the best time ever. My four friends and my other Niece and her boyfriend could not believe how happy and alive I was. I have continued to feel like this ever since, like now I am going to pick my Granddaughter up from school and take her for her tea, she will be so surprised she is only 6, she has never met this Nana.

I cannot thank you enough.

Yours Gratefully

Ann Bellhouse, Leeds