Thetahealing is a wonderful mind body and spirit therapy that can be used to help with many different issues. It focuses on belief change work as many of our issues come from old belief patterns. One of the things that makes Thetahealing different is the way that it incorporates beliefs from your present life, past lives and also family line issues.


Theta healing is facilitated by the practitioner going into the theta brain wave state (which then also helps you to reach that state easily) and looking beyond your conscious mind to the body, subconscious mind and aura. Many times I have worked with clients that have been looking internally to solve their issue and have struggled to resolve it. Once the auric field is accessed the problem tends to be laying there instead. Theta healing allows the healing and reintegration of parts (or aspects) of ourselves that are outside of the body.

Vianna Stibal is the creator of the Thetahealing Technique

What we all know today as Theta Healing is, in fact, an ancient energy healing technique interwoven with modern day quantum physics. it had beenbrought back to the forefront of theworld in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, the creator of Thetahealing. Today, it'san increasingly expanding, professional development and energy healing modality which has spread across much of the world in only over a decade.

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The Foundational Principle of Thetahealing

Thetahealing’s foundational principle is from the ‘Law of Attraction.’ This Law states that ‘Where attention goes, energy flows.’ Thus, the energy of our attention/ thoughts/awareness continually draws into our lives the very types of feelings and experiences that we emanate in our thinking. This law initiates us into the knowledge of the creative power of our thoughts in our lives. Life doesn't merely ‘happen’ to us, but rather at some level, our thinking is creating and drawing to us, that which we predominately believe & feel.

Our thinking, over time, crystallizes into set beliefs. These beliefs group together to make systems of belief which govern certain areas of our lives, and dictate our experiences in every facet of life; from relationships to finances to health. Thus our beliefs set the parameters for our potential in these areas of life. They lower the potential of our relationships, the success of our business or our careers and our experience of the health & vitality of our bodies. These beliefs set the borders and permit across these borders only what they assert they believe to be the case.

What if many of our beliefs are now outdated? What if the beliefs we formed in childhood about ourselves, about others, life and therefore the world, supported our experiences in those early years, we're limiting our lives within the present moment? What if the beliefs formed within the wake of traumatic experiences which we not even believe, or only rarely visit, are still there, creating, forming and shaping our lives? What, if we could identify, release and replace these beliefs with empowering beliefs that enable us to expand our borders and knowledge greater fulfilment

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Where your attention goes, energy flows

How Does Thetahealing Work?

The Thetahealing Technique works by me showing you a simple meditation technique and then accessing the theta brain wave state and connecting to the Creator of all that is (source energy).  I then use that connection to scan you and see where your patterns and limiting beliefs lie connected to the issue that you wish to work on.

From there I will help you to find the core beliefs in your body mind that have shaped your experiences and prevented you from doing whatever it is you wish to do.  We will work together to release these old limiting beliefs and look at how these changes alter your future outlook.  During the session I may also ask source energy to download or program you with certain feelings that will either help your old limiting beliefs to become unstuck or help you to change your perception. One of the most popular downloads that people receive is the feeling of unconditional love.  This is not just a spiritual philosophy.  It is also a requirement for many of the wounded parts inside of us in order for them to heal and switch from a negative mind to thinking more positive thoughts.

For most people, their limiting beliefs are from their current lifetime and for some, they come from past lives or from the family line.  If you can see the same pattern in one or both of your parents, there is a good chance that it is a family line issue.  Thetahealing can help you with clearing these generational issues and break the cycle.  The Thetahealing technique is a very powerful energy healing modality as it uses the connection to source to provide the healing work.

 How to Book a Theta healing Session in Leeds or Online

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