Past life regression therapy has been widely used as a type of regression therapy for those with a spiritual outlook on life. Some people have spoken out against past life therapy as having no scientific evidence regarding its efficacy. Some have even questioned its medical ethics as an evidence-based approach to regression. Yet from studies involving participants entering a prior life or previous existence, regression therapy has been able to provide scientific evidence from collecting large amounts of data from recovered memories.

In fact, a past life regression session will almost always help you with a current life issue that you are going through. Issues that are in your present life can sometimes come from your past life. Using hypnosis and other techniques, you are more able to break down barriers to accessing memories from a past life. Clearing these issues from previous lives helps you to break free from mental health issues that you may be facing, patterns of behaviour that you are stuck in your life today, healing a fear or being aware of how to solve an issue.

Past life regression therapy

Understanding Past Lives

Past lives are lives that our soul has been through before arriving at our present life. Past life regression therapy helps us to go into our prior life spans and recover actual memories of places and situations that our past life self faced. You may feel changes in your physical body as you go through this process and even sense changes to your behaviours and posture for instance.

I have noticed some clients adopt a completely different posture and way of speaking during a past life regression session. This is due to you moving into the body of the person you were in that past life.

You can use past life regression therapy as a way to find healing or you can use it to access happy past life memories. What we look to achieve is for you to go into life experiences that are relevant to you. Such memories from past life experiences are not only relevant to your previous life. They are also relevant to your life today.

Past life regression can change how clients sense and use their imagination
Past life regression can change how clients sense and use their imagination

How Past Life Regression Therapy Works

Past life regression sessions can be conducted using hypnosis or meditation led. They are very similar to any other regression therapy in that your subconscious mind will be more open due to the relaxed state that you are in. You may have a previous life in mind that you wish to visit or you could be looking at healing an issue you currently have in your life.

If you are looking to just explore what is available to you then past life regression therapists will help you to access the past life stories that are relevant to you. Past life regressions are a great therapeutic technique for you to use to take a journey to a different lifetime.

Going Into a Relaxed State for Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy works better I find when you are in a deeper state such as the hypnotic state. Past life regression therapy has been taught as part of hypnotherapy training for some years now. You can still access past life memories from meditative led states as these can sometimes go deeper than the hypnotic state.

Some believe that to enter hypnosis you need to be extremely suggestible. This, however, is not true. The process used can vary amongst past life regression therapists and can also be altered from person to person.

During your regression session, you will be encouraged to talk and describe what you can sense and see. This process helps you to open your imagination and release any fear you might have about being able to connect to this person in this lifetime. Clients don't even need to believe in the soul taking a journey during their regression session. Some didn't even believe in previous lives or future lives.

Past life regression can help you to understand the history of your mental health issue
Past life regression can help you to understand the history of your mental health issue.

Questioning During Past Life Regression Session

Past life therapists will avoid using leading questions as this can lead to false memories. Instead, they will look to promote recall and elicit statements from you without a leading question. Those types of questions are a problem, not only for medical ethics, and can accidentally plant false memories into your subconscious mind.

Past life regression therapy should only be used to help you explore memories from the lifetime you lived as that person.

Past life regression can give you an interesting account of history that you hadn't thought about previously. Your soul can have a pattern of behaviour around certain things that trouble it. A memory from a life long gone, a death that the body is holding onto, a memory that a past life needs healing for.

Memories from past lives can give you an idea on how to heal past lives and future life
Memories from past lives can give you an idea on how to heal past lives and future life

Can Past Life Regression Help Change Your Future

Past life memories can still have effects on your current life, just as much as your childhood can. By becoming aware of your soul journey, you can release a memory from any point in a past life. A death that occurred in a previous life could be stopping you from doing something to create a better future. This is because your body is holding onto a karmic energy block. Clients often have claims that a past life regression session helps them with things that they might not have realised they were blocking themselves from.

Past life regression can help you to clear the emotions around that past-life death. You really can change your history with past life regressions sessions. These memories might bring up issues with forgiveness to those who wronged you. Or maybe in a past life, you wronged others and need to make things right so your subconscious mind and your body can move forward from this point on.

How Do You Explain Past Life Regression Therapy To Someone?

Past lives, whether you believe in them or not, are useful for your subconscious mind to explore. The past life memories that are causing issues for you could be genuinely from past lives. Alternatively, you could be imagining false memories of living a past life that your subconscious mind has created about past lives in order to protect you.

Let me explain how that can work. You may sense a certain feeling in certain places that you can't put your finger on. Kind of like having a knowing inside that you know a place without having been there before. You feel like you have memories of these certain places and yet you can't explain where these memories come from. Are these memories real or are they false memories?

Your subconscious and your body don't really care if you are experiencing past lives or not. All it cares about is that you find the idea you need to solve the issue so that it can move forward. If you've decided that past lives don't exist then I tell clients to just use their imagination and play with it. Use it as a tool to get what you want.

Past life regression can help you learn lessons from previous lives
Past life regression can help you learn lessons from previous lives

The Greatest Predictor about Past Lives

One of the things you can look at is to scan your mind back to when an issue first started. If you have always had it for as long as you can remember then there is a good chance that past life regression is the way to go for you. If you can easily pick out an age then you will be looking at current life regression therapy. If you would like to have more of an idea about past lives then you can look at books such as 'Many Lives. Many Masters' by Brian Weiss. If you find his claims within that book to be too much for you then just think about what I said previously.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Past Life Regression Therapy?

You'll be glad to know that you won't need a course of sessions for past life regression. Most clients have just a 1 hour past life session to get everything that they need. Sessions can be done at my Leeds Office or online via Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. Past life regression sessions are £100.

Past Lives Regression Therapy Near Me in Leeds

I am a past life regression therapist with many years of experience in helping people to access past lives. Whether you are just wanting to explore a past life experience or you are struggling with an issue in your current life (such as anxiety disorders, depression, feeling lost or stuck), past life regression can help you.

Many people want to know "Is past life regression ethical?" Well yes, it is! It is a fun and interesting form of therapy that goes beyond normal conventions. There is so much for you to gain from having a past life regression.

If you live close to Leeds, I would love to see you at my office. If you live further afield, we can do sessions online. There really are no limits!