feeling lost, something missing

Feeling lost can be a difficult thing to understand. You know where you are physically, the room, building or even city/town that you are in. Yet, something feels like it’s missing. That one thing that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Oh, and how you have really tried so hard to find it. You’ve tried so many ways to find that missing piece and in so many ways, you feel as if you are further from it than when you started looking.

You may find yourself feeling even more lost, frustrated, angry even or ready to give up trying as it all seems so useless and too difficult. You’ve bought the things that you were told would make you happy. You’ve struggled and climbed that ladder that you were told was going to make you happy.

But none of it ever really did!

It’s ok to enjoy those things and to have fun with them. I wouldn’t tell you that it isn’t ok to do that because it is. Enjoy the spoils, enjoy the moments and celebrate what you’ve experienced along the way. The same thing keeps creeping up between those little highs. The thing that you’ve been trying to avoid keeps reappearing, doesn’t it?

That missing piece is still missing. But don’t give up looking for it. Simply change where and how you are looking for it. Be willing to journey inside if you really want to find that missing piece. Go into those darker places that you have been pretending to everyone, including yourself, don’t exist.

Stepping into those places on your own can seem daunting. There isn’t a compass or a map to guide you and it can be so difficult to find it down there in the dark.

This is where having someone to guide you is useful. Someone who knows where to look and how to get there. Someone that will support and encourage you when you want to turn back. If you’ve made it this far, are you willing to move a little further?

If you are ready to find that piece, I can help you. There will be challenges and you will rise above them but you do have to be ready. If you are, let’s talk and look at the kind of journey you are ready for.

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