The root cause of chronic anxiety lies in a noisy mind. When you aren’t listening in, you become consumed by what you should do, should’ve done, and could’ve avoided. When you become swallowed by intrusive thoughts, the more challenging it is to achieve silence. 

Energy healing is one way to activate the body’s subtle energy and engage in your inherent ability to heal emotionally and spiritually. Contrary to popular belief, spiritual healing is science-based. In understanding these ancient principles, you become more in tune with your curative journey.

What is Transformational Energy?

Transformational energy healing aims to transform consciousness to produce positive outcomes and promote self-reflection. In various cultures, transformational energy healing is referred to as Prana (in India), Doshas (in ayurvedic medicine), and Chi (in traditional Chinese medicine).

Transformational energy, or life energy, exists everywhere and can flow from one person to another.

Transformation energy healing flow
Energy can flow from one person to another to create healing.

What Occurs During Transformational Energy Healing?

A transformational energy healing session works to clear and cleanse a burdensome consciousness on a mental, spiritual, and physical plane. At some point, every individual will experience a level of trauma, stress, pain, and suffering, caused by negative attracted energy.

When undergoing a transformational energy healing session, it’s essential to keep in mind that what you resonate will resonate back towards you. When you restrain negative energy, the longer it remains.

There exist many different types of spiritual energy from universal fields and immediate surrounding that one can incorporate into their healing routine. The more an individual attunes themself to the frequency of universal life, the better they can receive and transmit psychic, spiritual, and physical energy.

Attuning to energy healing
Transformation Energy Healing helps you to become more attuned to yourself and the world around you.

What Happens During a Session?

Ultimately, the best way to eliminate trauma is to determine its root cause. Your therapist will first get to know your history, dissecting existing trauma layer by layer. Then, under a deep meditative state, your therapist will guide you through repressed cellular memories.

They might incorporate regression therapy to unearth root causes. Once both parties pinpoint the underlying factors, your therapist might opt to employ light therapy, guided imagery, and other transformative methods to begin the healing process.

Under hypnosis, you learn to replace poor habits and negative mindsets with healthier, more proactive responses. These replacements promote personal growth and physical well-being.

Who Benefits from Transformational Energy Healing?

Every trauma is valid, whether debilitating or not. Those who indulge in transformational energy healing typically suffer from a wide range of diseases, mental health problems, or unwanted life patterns.

By marrying holistic and traditional methods, clients become more aware of their suffering and receptive towards unconventional approaches towards healing. Ultimately, anyone can benefit from transformational energy healing, no matter the history.

If you are interested in transformational energy healing, you may also be interested in reading about past life regression hypnotherapy. You can learn more about past life regression hypnotherapy here.


Transformational energy healing doesn’t only reduce and eliminate pain and suffering but also purges the body of adverse surrounding spirit. When the mind is free of distraction, the body enters a state that promotes healing and acceptance.

Begin your spiritual healing journey with Paul Ramsden by getting in touch. With us, you can achieve long-standing goals such as weight loss, a new mindset, or to mitigate the effects of debilitating anxiety.

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